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Stop Harassment - Tips on How to Deal With Debt

Stop Harassment - Tips on How to Deal With Debt Collectors

Ever wonder how to get the money hungry collectors to stop harassing you with harassing phone calls? What about calling your job, your friends and relatives? Well, you do not have to dream anymore because in this article I will show you how to shut them down.

Harassing phone calls tips

Send them a cease and desist letter by certified mail with return receipt, which directs the collector to stop all contact with you. At this point, the collection agency will give the account back to the creditor or turn it over to an attorney. Once the original creditor receives the account, it will be sold to another collection agency, turned over to an attorney for a suit, or charged off.

Harassing phone calls tips - What if they violate the law?

Send the creditor a letter stating that their collection agency is harassing you and violating the law. Most creditors want to keep you as a customer, so they may intervene and tell the collector to back off. During that time, start building your case against the collector by keeping a journal. Things you should keep track of include times and dates, names of persons you talked to, what they said that may constitute a violation of the law, letters sent to and from the collector, and vocal recordings of the conversation (if your state allows it). Finally, you may even want to have a third-party listen in on your conversation and have them take notes. Make sure they are willing to act as witnesses in court for you, should the need arise.

Harassing phone calls tips - What should I say over the phone?

When the collector calls you, ask for their name, address, where they are calling from, call back number and the nature of the call. Never tell them where you work, if they ask. If they say, "Is this Mark I'm speaking with," be cooperative and say "Yes, how can I help you?" However, make sure that you never admit that you own the debt. Before they even start questioning you about the debt, ask them to send all information about the debt by mail, and then hang up.

Harassing phone calls tips - What if it's a collection attorney that is calling me?

It's no difference, if the attorney collects two debts a year, then he has to adhere to the laws of the FDCPA. Don't let attorneys scare you. Most credit card companies employ lawyers to send out standard letters hoping that they will collect based off of the letters. If you get a demand letter from an out-of-state attorney asking for money, ask him to validate the debt and watch him go away. I know this from firsthand experience, and as you know, I never heard from him again. The validation letter works.

As you can see with the power of these techniques, you can stop collection agencies and collection attorneys and their harassing phone calls. You must understand that collectors prey on consumers who are unaware of their rights. This harassment in return forces people to pay debts that are truly not theirs. But, now that you have a new secret weapon, you will be ready when the harassing phone calls start.

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